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What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy better known as colour healing, is a holistic complementary Medicine Treatment which is based on the use of the vibrational energies of colour to improve health and well being.

Colour has been used for healing the wounded warriors since antiquity, it is well documented in our days that in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Egypt there were temples of healing, where the healer used different colours to heal disharmonies of different parts of the body.


Methods of Utilising Colour to Improve Ourselves:

There is a great diversity in the methods of treatment, the most widely known are the following:

  • Direct application of diverse coloured silks and cottons.
  • Coloured massage and bath products.
  • Colour visualisation and meditations.
  • Colour healing fixtures for the home and the office.
  • Many, many others.

    We offer Introductory and Diploma courses in colour healing. We comply with the standards of the International Association of Colour and the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, Colour section.



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