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Continuing Education and Professional Education
for Registered Massage Therapists

Course RE 0124: Clinical Aromatherapy for Female Health Workshop. October 2010 or May 2010.

Course RE 0125: Clinical Aromatherapy for Male Health Workshop. November 2010 or June 2010.

Continuing Education and Professional Development for Remedial Massage Therapists

Clinical Aromatherapy for Female Health and Well being - 14 credits


  • Definitions of Clinical and Aesthetic Aromatherapy

  • The 3 stages of womanhood and their well being through the use of aromatherapy.

  • Individual formulations, how, when and how long for.

  • How to incorporate the clinical use of essential oils, hydrosols and specific vital carrier oils in your massage therapy practice.

  • PMS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menopause and other female conditions which respond well to aromatherapy.
  • With research back up.

  • In depth look at 12 of the most beneficial essential oils for female needs.

  • The aromatogram and female infections.
  • Length of Study 2 and days (20 hours) in class study.

    Dates: October 2010 or May 2010.

    Where: West Broadway, Vancouver.

    Price: $ 295.00.

    Early Bird: $269.00 - Up to 10 days before the class.

    The Trainer and Instructor: Vivian Nadya Lunny MD, RA, MDMA, FIFA.

    Author, Teacher, Holistic Healer, Aromatherapy, Crystal and Colour Healing Pioneer, Reiki Master and Psychotronics Master Practitioner.

    Her intuition, empathy and mindfulness are the keys to her personality.

    Her unique style includes humour and anecdotes from her extensive travels.

    Her passion for her work coupled with her ability to engage her audience with intuitive communication and wisdom makes attending her talks a memorable experience.

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