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The Beats, Rhymes and Life section is in full effect. Big ups must go out to Buddah M.A.C. for some of the news shown here. Plus we do get news from Sohh.com, MTV.com, Sonicnet.com and sometimes, Blaze Online so peep those sites too.

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  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Layzie Bone, a.k.a. Steven Howse, was reportedly arrested at his Solon, Ohio home Monday afternoon on an old drug warrant according to the "Cleveland Plain Dealer." The warrant was reportedly issued in Detroit on March 12, 1997, after Layzie failed to appear in court on a possession of marijuana charge. The paper reports that four U.S. Marshals took the rapper into custody without incident. He was released on bond after making an appearance at a federal court hearing in Cleveland.

  • In the wake of Latin pop mania, rap group Cypress Hill is planning to release a spanish-language album. The album, still untitled, will feature tracks from the group's four previous albums and will be released later this year. As we previously reported, Cypress Hill is confirmed to play the Vans Warped Tour this summer. The group has also signed on for the Watcha Tour, a Latin extension of the Warped tour kicking off August 1 in Miami. In addition to working on his band's fifth album, frontman B-Real told MTV News he's also working on creating a festival tour, tentatively called 'Tattoo the Earth.' He says the outing will be geared toward body art.

  • In an attempt to raise funds for the Temple Of Hip-Hop Organization, KRS-One has put together a compilation entitled 'The Temple of Hiphop:Criminal Justice: From Darkness To Light.' Some of the artists to appear on the album include Big Daddy Kane, Sunz Of Man, Ras Kass, Xzibit and KRS himself.

  • The Sporty Thievz have been so encouraged by the response to 'No Pigeons' that the group has decided to include the track on subsequent pressings of Street Cinema, their debut album from Roc-A-Blok/Ruffhouse/Columbia. The 'No Pigeons'-enhanced version of Street Cinema hits the stores on June 15th.

  • ODB has Shapiro taking over his other terrorist charge along with the vest case, so expect him to get off on those rediculous charges now that he's got a good lawyer

  • CD Now and Tower Records say that Buddah Monk's album (already released in Europe) and RZA Hits are both dropping June 22nd, which is also Shyhiem's date and GZA drops the next week

  • Kool Keith will star in a series of Sprite commercials along with Mia X, Eve, Drag-on, Roxanne Shante, Mille Jackson and producer Swizz Beats. There will be five commercials where Keith will portray a character named 'Dr. Ultra.' The theme of the advertisments is unknown but the commercials will run throughout the year.

  • In an apparent attempt to avoid free time, Jay-Z and DMX have already lined up release dates for their next albums, and both should be in stores before the end of the year. The rappers, who along with Redman and Method Man just put to bed the 'Hard Knock Life' tour, are both targeting this year's holiday season with their upcoming albums. DMX's next effort will hit stores on December 18th, while Jay-Z will drop his fourth album on December 26th, giving folks at least one thing to spend their holiday money on. As we reported earlier this month, Jay-Z is hoping to push his next album to sales of more than one million in one week, which would make him the first hip-hop act to pull off that sales feat

  • Prince Paul, Big Daddy Kane, and Fun Lovin' Criminals were among the artists who came out over the weekend to support the Fresh Air Fund. Those acts turned up at New York City's Chelsea Piers Roller Rink on Saturday for the 'Details' Magazine Field Day, which was hosted by supermodel and "House Of Style" host James King. The event raised money for the Fresh Air Fund, which provides summer vacations to New York children from low income families. The charity owns five camps in upstate New York, including Mariah Carey's Camp Mariah.

  • After 15 months, my man Mart is shutting down his website 1 Million Strong. He says he just doesn't have the time anymore and says that the Wu don't inspire him as much as they used to. His last update will be on Sunday, peep the site and give Mart his deserved props. 1 Million Strong : http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/1million/

  • The new issue of the Source Sports magazine reports that WWF wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin is trying to do a track with LL Cool J. Sounds interesting...Big ups to KDOGG33 for the info.

  • Ice Cube has started his own filmcompany, Cubevision. Cubevision has a three picture deal with New Line Cinema. Cubevision will support music, movies and videogames. Big ups to Martin Mckie for the info.

  • This Saturday, Fat Joe will lend a helping on MTV's Cool Crap, a live and online auction. The auction, which began taking bids earlier this week, features items given and donated to them from some of music's biggest stars. The hip-hop related items include a bat signed by Method Man and Silkk The Shocker, which as of this posting is at $910.00 and a straightjacket from Eminem's 'My Name Is...' video which is at $1,200.00. Other items include Vanilla Ice's motorcross helmet (cuurently at $521.00) and a coat Eminem used while dressed up as Marilyn Manson in 'My Name Is...' (currently at $990.00). One of the items recieving some of the highest bids is pop star Britney Spears' sneakers, which is currently at $5,100.

  • OGC aka Originoo Gun Clappaz is working on their second album. It will be entitled 'The M-Pire X Bac' and it will be released on Duckdoen Records in July. The first single will be 'Suspect Ni**as' featuring Buckshot tha BDI and Havoc. Big ups to Martin Mckie for the info.

  • CJ Mac formerly known as Mad CJ Mac, who released 'True Game' on Rap-A-Lot back in 1995, is now working on 'Platinum Game.' It will be released om Mack 10's label Hoo Bangin, and it will feature Mack 10, AllFrumTha I, The Comrads and off course his fellow Maad Circle soldier WC. Big ups to Martin Mckie for the info.

  • In an interview with Denver police on Wednesday, it was decided that DMX will not be charged for the stabbing of 24 year-old Nicholas James. DMX had a warrant issued for his arrest after a brawl had taken place behind the downtown Denver club Skyline Cafe, which left James with several minor stab wounds. According to witnesses, a man approached DMX insulting or challenging him, then his bodyguards stepped in. At this point it was said that a group left the club, which was thought to include DMX, and a fight ensued behind the building. According to Denver police, they have no substantial evidence to charge DMX with any crime, yet even if he was charged he could cite self-defense.

  • On June 26th in London, England Brixton Academy (big Hip Hop performance venue) will be having the Hip-Hop Phenomenom '99. The Hip-Hop fest will be headlined by The Roots and will also feature Slum Village, Jurassic 5, Kool Kieth, DJ Cash Money, DJ Noize, Supernatural, 57th Dynasty, DJ Flip and Scratch Club DJs. Fucking typical aint it, all the dope shows happen when I'm in another country !

  • Coolio was in a Superior Court in Torrance, California on the 19th to re-enter a not guilty plea to the concealed weapon charge he was arrested for last September. The rapper is scheduled to appear before the court on July 7th for another pretrial hearing, according to the Associated Press, although the new date will allow Coolio to complete his '18-City Mission' tour before the legal proceedings get underway. Coolio originally pleaded innocent to the charges during another pretrial hearing in February, then changed his plea to no contest a month later. In April, Coolio withdrew his no contest plea altogether.

  • R. Kelly's troubled 'Get Up On A Room Tour' has run across some more bad news. Kelly has pulled two more dates on the outing (which also boasts Nas, Foxy Brown, Deborah Cox, Kelly Price, and Sparkle), and more such cancellations may be on the way. Tuesday night's show in Kansas City was called off, as well as next Monday's show in Hartford, Connecticut. Kelly's record label did not give an official reason for the cancellations, though it did say even more dates could be called off in the coming days.

  • Q-Tip, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio are forming a joint entertainment company to give artist in film, music and television more control over thier art, states Q-Tip on NY's Hot97 Morning Show. The company will launch later this year.

  • Cappadonna is working on his new album nd it is to be called, 'Yin and Yang.' The first single to be released was gonna be called, 'Star Wars,' but Cappa's lawyer said that might not be a good idea so cappa changed the title to, 'Rats Sraw,' which is star wars spelled backwards..Props to the Wu-Fam HQ for the info.

  • News from M.N.O.T.W. :
    Ol' Dirty Bastard showed up in court Tuesday morning (May 18th) just as planned. The only problem was he turned up in the wrong courtroom in the wrong part of the city.
    Having apparently mixed up his court dates for the second time in a month, the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder and MC was nowhere in sight when Judge Richard Berry called his name shortly after 9 a.m. in Los Angeles Superior Court. He was supposed to be there for a hearing on a potentially precedent-setting felony charge that he illegally wore a bulletproof vest.
    Instead, ODB was waiting patiently for his terrorist-threat case to be called across town in Santa Monica Superior Court. But that case wasn't scheduled until Wednesday (May 19th).
    "He apparently got his courthouses or court dates confused and showed up here," Jim Crossman, a court bailiff at Santa Monica Superior Court said. "He was told to come back tomorrow."
    Though this is not ODB's first court mix-up, Berry told ODB's attorney Robert Shapiro, the famed lawyer who helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted on double murder charges, that he would postpone the bulletproof vest hearing until June 2nd.
    In the meantime, the judge said he would hold a bench warrant for the rapper's arrest until noon Tuesday. When he showed up by noon, the judge withdrew the warrant.
    Not long afterward, the delinquent MC appeared in court wearing blue denim overalls and a white shirt with its store tags sticking out from the neckline.
    "You understand if you're late again you'll be locked up, right?" Berry asked the rapper.
    "Yes," ODB replied meekly.
    "We'll be back and we'll be ready," Shapiro said.
    Berry then excused the beleaguered rapper, who started to leave the courtroom. Shortly before reaching the doorway, however, ODB stopped and appeared to be falling asleep standing up, until a female companion grabbed him by the hand and ushered him out.
    In the vest case, ODB is believed to be the first person arrested under a new law forbidding convicted felons from wearing body armor; the law applies to him because he was convicted of assault in 1993.
    "No one has ever been charged with this statute, and the majority of people, including lawyers, are not aware of it," Shapiro said prior to the hearing. "Most people, if you tell them that it's against the law to wear a Kevlar vest, would be absolutely astounded."
    Tuesday's incident wasn't the first time ODB has confused his courtrooms or missed hearings altogether.
    Last month the 30-year-old rapper, born Russell Jones, narrowly escaped arrest at Santa Monica Superior Court after showing up late for a hearing in the terrorist-threat case. In that case he is accused of threatening to kill club security guards after being ejected from the West Hollywood, Calif., House of Blues in September.
    His attorney for that matter, Kevin Barnes, told Judge Richard Neudorf that his client went to Beverly Hills Superior Court, thinking the hearing was there.
    Clearly low on patience, Neudorf pointed out that ODB had been late previously for another hearing in the case and warned the rapper he would not tolerate his delinquency in the future. Barnes assured Neudorf that ODB had no trouble making his other court dates and would not be late again.
    Earlier in that same case, Beverly Hills Municipal Judge Judith O. Stein had issued a warrant for ODB's arrest in October after the rapper failed to appear on time for a hearing in her courtroom. She later withdrew the warrant when he finally turned up that afternoon.
    In a previous hearing on the vest case in Los Angeles Superior Court, Berry held a warrant for ODB's arrest after he missed a March 23rd hearing because he was in police custody on the opposite coast. Two days earlier, New York police arrested ODB for alleged crack cocaine possession. He is expected to answer that charge in a Brooklyn, N.Y., courtroom Friday.
    Last summer, ODB blew off three hearings in Virginia on a charge he stole a $50 pair of tennis shoes that July; three warrants for his arrest in that case are still outstanding.
    While his attorneys in New York and Virginia said ODB missed the latter two hearings due to travel problems, he skipped the first to play a date on his first-ever solo tour.
    "Not today," ODB said when asked if he planned to fly with Virginia to face the charge. "I've got shows to do. I'm just chillin'."
    ODB said Tuesday he has finished his next solo album, which is expected from Elektra in July.
    "It's done," ODB said, adding that guest artists on the effort are "all Wu-Tang." ODB had previously talked about Madonna and Lauryn Hill contributing to the record.

  • Q-tip will make his post tribe solo debut slated for July 27th on Violator/Def Jam on the compilation entitled 'Violator The Album.' The album cover is supposed to have cartoon caricatures of all the 'violators.' The line-up so far and the cuts slated :
    Q-tips 'Vivrant Things' (said to be the first single to be released
    LL Cool J 'Know Why'
    Next 'Aint Nobody'
    Eightball, Mysonne & Ma$e 'Do What Playas Do'
    Beatnuts 'Forever'
    Mobb Deeps 'Nobody Likes Me'
    Also, the following artists will contribute new tracks; Foxy Brown, Cam'ron, Noreaga, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. Finally, there is one more news item about the LP, a track which is said to be in production is 'The Violators' which will feature Mobb Deep, Cam'ron, Noreaga, Q-tip, Sonya Blade, Mysonne, The Franchise and Young Guns. Big ups to Lord Steez for the info.

  • The following article has been edited from one written on M.N.O.T.W. :
    With three of his criminal court cases up for hearings over the next four days, rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard faces a busy week in the halls of justice on both coasts. Dirty is scheduled to appear in two different Los Angeles County courts Tuesday and Wednesday on separate charges: illegally wearing body armor in one and allegedly making terrorist threats against nightclub security guards in the other. Then Friday, he's due in a Brooklyn, N.Y., courthouse on a charge of possessing crack cocaine.
    But since the terrorist-threat case has been scheduled for trial, which could be a time-consuming proceeding, ODB may have too much to juggle, even with the help of a red-eye flight to New York on Thursday night. "This was the situation he faced the last time he was in court, other than the new case in New York," said District Attorney Ann Rundle, who is prosecuting the terrorist-threat case in Santa Monica (Calif.) Superior Court. "I'm assuming that his counsel will have to file a motion of continuance either in our case or the [other] case ... because clearly, he can't be on two sides of the country at once."
    Kevin Barnes, ODB's legal representative in the terrorist-threat case, has already requested the trial be postponed until Thursday, because Barnes will be out of town, Rundle said. ODB still has to appear in court Wednesday for the postponement to be granted. In that case, the 30-year-old rapper, born Russell Tyrone Jones, is accused of threatening to kill security guards at the House of Blues nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif., last September after being ejected from the club for disruptive behavior. A case involving a similar charge that he threatened to kill his former girlfriend was thrown out due to lack of evidence last month, just as it was about to go to trial.
    Prior to the hearing in the terrorist-threat case, ODB is due to appear Tuesday in Los Angeles Municipal Court on charges that he illegally wore a bulletproof vest February 16. ODB, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, is believed to have been the first person arrested under a new state law forbidding convicted violent felons from having body armor; the law applies to ODB because he was convicted of assault in 1993. Former O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, who is defending him in the case, told SonicNet Music News he will argue that ODB needed the vest to protect himself, due in part to his occupation as a high-profile rapper, and had a constitutional right to wear it.
    Rounding out his court appearances for the week, ODB is due in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Friday for a second hearing on charges of possessing crack cocaine and illegally operating a vehicle the night of March 22. The rapper also has two additional cases open in Los Angeles and Queens, New York, for allegedly operating a vehicle without a license, and another case in Virginia in which he is accused of stealing a $50 pair of tennis shoes.

  • Revealed in the MP3.com filing is a deal between the site and No Limit Records, home to several platinum-selling acts, including Master P and Snoop Dogg. No Limit will receive $2.5 million in stock in exchange for the rights to a number of No Limit recordings, which will be made available for digital download on the Web site.The deal is indicative of MP3.com's plans to offer additional stock to "artists and customers," according to the filing; management company Atlas/Third Rail and client Alanis Morissette have already received financial stakes in the company. Info. edited from billboard.com

  • Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot will be featured in a new cartoon series for HBO. Big ups to Lord Steez for the info.

  • Also, Busta is writing and directing the Hip Hop segment for Maverick Pictures 'Sounds of New York' for HBO's 1999-2000 season. Big ups to Lord Steez for the info.

  • Police arrested DMX on Thursday for allegedly chasing a man into a building in Yonkers and punching him several times, according to officials. DMX's lawyer said the rapper was defending his wife from an attack by the man, 27-year-old Norman Brown, according to the Daily News and New York television reports. The arrest led police to discover that DMX is wanted for allegedly stabbing a man in Denver, officials said. DMX's lawyer, Ian Niles, said the rapper had nothing to do with the Denver incident and had been unaware of a warrant for his arrest, according to reports. In the New York case, the 28-year-old rapper, born Earl Simmons, was released from Westchester County Jail Friday on $105,000 bail. He was arrested for third-degree assault at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in his native Yonkers, according to police. DMX reportedly is accused of punching Norman Brown, 27, as Brown sat behind the wheel of a car. He then allegedly chased Brown from the car into a nearby building and continued the attack. Brown was left with minor injuries, including cuts and bruises, according to reports. The reports said DMX told the judge at his arraignment Friday evening that he would appear in Denver to answer the charges against him. "I have no reason to run," the Daily News quoted him as saying. A Westchester County Jail official, who declined to be named, said the judge set bail at $5,000 for the Yonkers charge and $100,000 for the Denver warrant. Niles, who also represents the Mad Rapper, could not be reached for comment Saturday (May 15th). Angelettie is facing charges of assaulting the then editor of hip-hop magazine Blaze in the editor's office last year. A Denver police public information officer did not return calls for comment by press time.

  • Royce The 5'9's LP will feature Eminem & Dr. Dre. Plus, production from Dre, DJ Premier, The Alchemist and The Neptunes.

  • There is a rumour that Loud will be distributed by Sony.

  • Strength Magazine has an upcoming compilation due out on Full Frequency Range Recordings (FFRR) later this year. Some of the tracks on it include 'Rappers 12 For 10' by Aceyalone produced by Evidence (Dilated Peoples), and 'Return of The M.C.' by Rasco, plus all new stuff from Dilated Peoples, Rob Swift, Beat Junkies and more. News taken from HipHopSite.

  • New York police have arrested and charged Gerard Woodley, 29, with murder in the second degree in the slaying of Big L. Investigators say that the motive might of been revenge. "It's a good possibility it was retaliation for something [Big L's] brother did, or [Woodley] believed he had done," New York Police Lt. Ellen Caniglia said. Police won't say what led them to Woodley but they did say that he is wanted on a federal warrant for drug trafficking, and was arrested on murder charges in 1990 and 1996 but not convicted either time. He is currently being held without bail.

  • 'Art Official Intelligence' is the title for De La Soul's fifth album which will be a triple CD. The first CD will be released in September, while the other 2 disc will drop in December and March 2000. According to Maseo, the triple disc set will not have a common theme. Among the artists slated to make appearances are Sade, Al Green, Portishead, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Goodie Mob, Xzibit, Camp-Lo and hopefully The Beastie Boys. Its' also been reported that De La teamed up with Drew Barrymore for a skit, and their could be an appearance of Issac Hayes.

  • 13 years in the game, it was announced that Ruffhouse Records will be closing it's doors. CEO Chris Schwartz and President Joe Nicolo have parted ways to pursue their own personal goals, in turn retiring the name "Ruffhouse Records". "We're both so personally attached to the name we decided the best thing to do is to retire it," said Nicolo. Ruffhouse was the home to many succesful artists such as The Fugees, Cypress Hill, Kriss Kross, and Lauryn Hill. Acts that are currently on the label will be swallowed up by Sony Columbia Records.

  • Will Smith's record label, Outbrook Music, is looking to get off to a big start with next month's release of the 'Wild Wild West' soundtrack. The collection (which features Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Smith himself, among others) will hit stores on June 15th as the first salvo from Outbrook, which is distributed by Interscope Records. Tracks include Will Smith featuring Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee, 'Wild Wild West,' Dr. Dre & Eminem 'The Showdown,' MC Lyte, 'Keep It Movin,' Breeze, 'Hero,' Slick Rick, 'I Sparkle' and Common featuring Jill Scott, '8 Minutes to Sunrise'

  • Tuesday, May 18th, The Beastie Boys will appear in the season finale of 'Futurama,' Fox's animated television series. The final episode show will deal with celebrities who have had their heads frozen and stored for revival in the future.

  • Def Jam rapper, Ja-Rule has just been cast as the lead in Pras' upcoming film Ghetto Superstar, which is based off of Pras' book of the same name.

  • No Limit MC Snoop Dogg has joined forces with ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee to form the group, The Outsiderz. This comes as a result of a collaboration between the two for Lee's Methods Of Mayhem project. The Outsiderz project will be a mixture of hip-hop and rock, with recording already underway.

  • GZA ADSome exclusive GZA info. thanks to our boy Buddah MAC. Firstly, this is the new ad(on the left of this text) for his forthcoming LP. If you wanna see a bigger pic of it then click on the pic. The Earth/G crater will be the art for the cover. Plus, the LP is definately coming out on the 29th of June. GZA/Genius is shooting/directing his video for 'Breaker, Breaker' on May 20th, 21st in a top secret location in the desert. Plus a GZA/Genius 30 sec. TV teaser commercial spot will be running nationally on BET's Rap City from May 18th-22nd.

  • Identical twin rappers Daniel and David Garcia (aka Kane and Abel), who recorded two albums for No Limit Records, were arraigned in a New Orleans federal court on Monday afternoon after being indicted last week on charges of conspiring to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. In an arrangement with the U.S. attorney's office, the rappers surrendered themselves Monday, but were not arrested. Their lawyer, Richard Westling, told MTV News that the brothers were, "dumbfounded" by the indictment and would plead not guilty to the charges.
    The Garcias' indictment is an offshoot of an ongoing federal investigation linking imprisoned New Orleans drug kingpin and killer Richard Pena to former dealers, customers, underlings and even new Orleans' finest. Twenty people (including three police officers) have been convicted. The Garcias' lawyer says that the twins, who are being charged for period prior to late 1996 up to early 1997, are high profile targets who are being fingered by other Pena associates hoping to lessen the severity of their own sentences. While they deny involvement in any of the drug lord's unsavory dealings, they do admit knowing Pena, who once owned his own label Sheska Records, via the New Orleans' music scene.

  • Master P has recorded a public service announcement calling for responsibility in rap. In the 60-second PSA, P cites the deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. in an attempt to urge rap artists not to feud on wax. The spot will run on MTV and BET beginning Monday.

  • The video for Eminem's 'Guilty Conscience' track will premier on MTV on May 14th.

  • The Beatnuts' new album, 'Musical Massacre' will be released this August on Relativity Records. Featured guests on the album include Common, Biz Markie, Dead Prez, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Cuban Link, Magic Juan (Proyecto Uno), Triple Seis, among others

  • Taken from MNOTW:
    Marion ''Suge'' Knight lost his latest bid for early freedom last week when the California Court of Appeal denied him a new sentencing hearing. Knight, who was identified by Los Angeles police last month as a suspect in the March 1997 slaying of rapper Notorious B.I.G., will continue serving a nine-year term in a San Luis Obispo prison. The sentence stems from Knight's conviction for assaulting two aspiring rappers in 1992. He pleaded no contest in 1995 in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation, with the understanding that he would go to prison for nine years if he violated the terms of the probation. The probation was revoked and Knight was ordered to prison after he was caught on videotape kicking Los Angeles resident Orlando Anderson, an alleged gang member, during a fight in the lobby of Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel in September 1996. Last August, the Court of Appeal ruled that Superior Court Judge Stephen Czuleger's original sentence in the assault case was unclear and open to misinterpretation by Knight. That finding opened the door to a resentencing that could have drastically reduced Knight's time in prison. But the three-judge panel reversed itself April 28 after the state appealed. "We're obviously very pleased with the new decision, and it is the decision that Knight chose when he agreed to his plea bargain," said Steven Matthews, supervising deputy attorney general for the state of California. "He agreed that if he violated the terms of his probation, he would serve nine years in jail." Knight's attorneys -- David Kenner, Marcia Morrissey and Armand Arabian -- did not return phone calls Thursday (May 6). Reuters reported Knight plans to appeal the sentencing ruling to the California Supreme Court.

  • D-Moet isn't best pleased with Nas. Currently 'Hate Me Now' gives The Trackmasters and Pretty Boy, Foxy Brown's brother, credit for producing the track, when in fact it was D-Moet. To date, D-Moet has gotten credit for producing the track but no money. As of this report, Hate Me Now is #17 on the Billboard Rap singles chart and 18 on the R&B Singles chart.

  • May 11th, Snoop Dogg drops his fourth album Top Dogg. This will be his 2nd album under the No Limit Records label. Snoop's album will be the first album not to use Pen & Pixel's flamboyant artwork and not rely solely on the production of Beats By The Pound. On this album Snoop Dogg enlisted DJ Quik to handle a bulk of the production, while Dr. Dre, Raphael Saadiq, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Mystikal and Kurupt make guest appearances.

  • DJ Premier is set to lace Brandy with a remix for her current single, 'Almost Doesn't Count.' Also on his production plate is a track for Limp Bizkits called 'N 2Gether' which will appear on their upcoming album.

  • Ice-T, Cypress Hill, and Black Eyed Peas are all on the warped tour this year

  • In interview with Pras the other day and they asked him about the Fugees and he implied that they are going to call it quits. He stated they haven't started an album and that if they do start one it will not be out this year. He hinted towards there being some problems in the group.

  • Limp Bizkit's new CD will feature Method Man and Eminem. The song featuring Eminem will be called 'Turn me Loose,' while I believe the one with Meth is 'Dirty and Panicking.'

  • Busta Rhymes has dropped out of the R. Kelly Tour due to restrictions given to him and his crew by the concert promoters. In a statement released by Busta's management "the concert promoter [was making] it impossible to mount a production that would have made it compatible with the kind of show Rhymes' fans have come to expect." The tour will now feature Nas, Foxy Brown, Deborah Cox, & Kelly Price

  • Ex- Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has enlisted a few hip-hop artists to appear on his upcoming project Methods Of Mayhem. Busta Rhymes, Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, & Beastie Boys' DJ Mixmaster Mike are all set to appear on the album along with other hip-hop-influenced artists such as Kid Rock, the Crystal Method, and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. Also sharing lead vocals with Tommy, is long lost MC Tim Dog, who will most likely be touring with the group on the Family Values Tour.

  • In an interview with Electronic Urban Report, Method Man lets loose with his opinions of the industry today: "My sh*t was like I'll put my foot down. I'm holding my sector down. From day one I told n*ggas not to come on my block with that sh*t and trying to sell that synthetic garbage. And what n*ggas do? They go and try to f*ck wit that Johnny Blaze sh*t. They tried to f*ck with it and make it something commercial. I was the first n*gga ever to say crimi-nal, individu-al, physi-cal. How many people ran with that sh*t and I never even got credit. They know who they is. I ain't got to do it because they're sucker asses themselves. They don't want to say no names so why should I? Two can play that game." "You got that stinkin' ass ,Mad Rapper playin' a part in it. Derek Angelettie, he the Mad Rapper. I'll say that on record. Let him come and try to slap me up. I'll kick his f*ckin ass! People using the term as slang terminology was peace, but as soon as the dough got involved and you got the magazine and the clothing line and it's just like come on man. Old school rap cats and new school rappers all up there wearing some weak-ass clothes with my name on it!"

  • Wu Syndicate Weighs In With Another Anti-Police Brutality Track More rap artists are beginning to come forward and musically protest the shooting death of West African immigrant Amadou Diallo by undercover New York City police officers. Last week, Black Star helped organize a session of various hip-hop artists to cut a track to help benefit a new foundation that focuses on the problems of police brutality. Now the Wu-Tang-affiliated Wu Syndicate has weighed in on the shooting with another song, 'Bust a Slug,' which features the Syndicate's Myalansky and Joe Mafia, as well as guest rappers MMO and KGB. 'Bust a Slug' has also been remixed by the Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. Both versions of the song will be pressed onto the single, with proceeds being donated to several different anti-police brutality organizations. No word yet on when the Wu Syndicate hopes to have its benefit single out, but we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Black Star has expanded plans for its 'Hip Hop for Respect' single into a full-length album, based upon the hip-hop community's overwhelming response to last weekend's sessions.

  • Gang Starr were on the radio in Holland last week and announced that Premier was producing a cut for Comitee Gunmen. Also, Guru announced that there would be more than just two cuts on 'Full Clip'(their greatest hits compilation) but there would be four. Guru also said that Jazzamatazz 3 would be out in 2000. The title of Jazzamatazz 3 is supposedly going to be 'SoulStreet' and Juvenile may be doing a track for it. Big ups to Van Gelder for the info.

  • Carlos Bess(aka C12) informed our boy, Buddah MAC that the new '36 Chambers Studio' will be completed and open next week.

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